Summer Vegetable Shares On Sale Now!



This farm raises beef, lamb, and chicken as well as grows vegetables and flowers on a beautiful hilltop in Oxford, MA with the following guaranteed practices

Locally Farmed

100% Grass Fed & Finished

Humanely Raised

Ecologically Farmed


Antibiotic Free

No Added Hormones


USDA Processed

…And not to mention tender and delicious!

  • Glenn M, Lexington, MA

    After hearing about Oxford Farms I became intrigued with the idea of grass-fed cows as a natural and healthier choice to today’s over processed steak offerings. So it was with great anticipation we conducted our own taste test recently when our three twenty-something-year-old boys were home. I threw a number of ribeye steaks and hamburger patties on the grill from both Oxford Farms and a local supermarket. It was no comparison. Everyone wanted Oxford Farm’s meat. Not only did it look better but more importantly it tasted better too! I’m a fairly good cook but the steaks and hamburgers were tender, juicier and had more flavor. We’re fans!

    Glenn M, Lexington, MA